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My EthIndia Fellowship Experience

7 minute read Published: 2023-04-08

It was the best of times, having the chance to finally get back to working in the Ethereum ecosystem and the worst of times having to sit for my exams during the same period.

It's not everyday that lightning strikes twice but that's what happened when I received the email that I had been accepted into the EthIndia fellowship 3.0. I hadn't had the time to recover from the high of participating in the MLH fellowship that fall and yet here I was getting on the saddle to accept yet another fellowship.

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Week Three and Four of EthIndia

3 minute read Published: 2023-03-07

Third and fourth week participating in EthIndia fellowship.

Week One and Two of EthIndia

7 minute read Published: 2023-02-12

I am part of the EthIndia fellowship 3.0 as a Wei fellow. I'll share a blog of my overall experience and more about the fellowship in a wrap-up blog after my eight weeks are up. I'll use this blog as a weekly log of my experience going through the speedrunethereum challenges. It'll also help keep me accountable

In the first four weeks of the fellowship, I'll be going through the speedrunethereum challenges and I will use this blog to posting weekly logs to help keep me accountable.

Open source projects are challenging SaaS giant.

7 minute read Published: 2021-12-01

Originally published on Aviyel

Open source and SaaS. If you're in tech you've probably heard these terms being thrown around. Even if you aren't into tech, there are very high chances that you've at some point interacted with a product defined by these two terms.

The Rust Programming Language.

5 minute read Published: 2021-10-30

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, grab onto your seats because I'm about to take you on the ride of your life. Elon Musk and co. might be trying to sell you the dream of commercial spaceflight, but what I bring you is even better. Drum roll please, On this intergalactic voyage we'll explore and get to know the humble beginnings of this gem known as Rust, and what makes it so special that, that colleague of yours won't keep quiet about it. Change can be scary but it doesn't always have to be, so try reading the article with an open mind, and learn Rust.