Build a guessing game using Orao VRF

15 minute read Published: 2024-05-20

In this tutorial we will learn about Verifiable Random Functions by building a guessing game on the Solana blockchain using Orao Network's Random Verifiable Function service.

We will implement the Solana program onchain, which generates a random number between 0 and 10. We will then build a simple CLI interface to interact with the program. The CLI will prompt the user for a number. After a guess is entered, the program will indicate whether the guess is too low or too high. If the guess is correct, the game will print a congratulatory message and exit.

Mint Solana NFT Using Anchor and Metaplex

29 minute read Published: 2023-09-25

In the previous article I showed you how to mint Solana NFT with the Metaplex sdk and the Solana SDK in native Rust.

In this article we will mint our NFt using anchor, which is a Solana program framework. Learn more about anchor in this link

Mint Solana NFT Using Rust & Metaplex SDK

25 minute read Published: 2023-07-25

Solana is a public, permissionless blockchain launched in 2020. It leverages computer hardware for its high throughput and performance. Solana has been the pioneer in cutting-edge innovation leading in the adoption of tech like concurrent Merkle trees, interfaces, token-2022...etc

I briefly talked about some differences between Solana and EVM chains previously and in this article I will take you through the process of minting an NFT using the Rust Solana SDK and the MetapleX SDK.

Build a Simple Backend API Server with Actix and Diesel 1

16 minute read Published: 2023-07-10

In this article we will implement a backend api server for a contacts application that uses Postgres for persistent data storage.

NOTE: I am working on Linux and some of these instructions might not work for Other OSs.

We will use Actix - a powerful and pragmatic web framework, diesel - 'a safe & extensible rust ORM' and Postgres for persistent data storage.

The Rust Programming Language.

5 minute read Published: 2021-10-30

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, grab onto your seats because I'm about to take you on the ride of your life. Elon Musk and co. might be trying to sell you the dream of commercial spaceflight, but what I bring you is even better. Drum roll please, On this intergalactic voyage we'll explore and get to know the humble beginnings of this gem known as Rust, and what makes it so special that, that colleague of yours won't keep quiet about it. Change can be scary but it doesn't always have to be, so try reading the article with an open mind, and learn Rust.

The future is bright.

7 minute read Published: 2021-05-09

If you happen to visit the official sites for most languages (programming) these days, one thing that is most certainly to stands out is that, even though they are technical tool to get the job gone, most of them are going the extra mile to put a smile on the developer. A happy developer is a productive developer as they say. And I personally think that this is the main reason that languages are doing this. Making a developer's life easier. Think about it for a second. What is the point of creating language B, while language A already exists and accomplish the same tasks, churns out the exact same scores when benchmarks are run with no change in developer experience. It is more about the 'developer experience' these days.

Going crustaceous with my terminal.

6 minute read Published: 2021-04-09

Okay! Okay! Okay! So not the most creative or original title out there but, hey iris wariris. Creativity ain't one of my strong suits. As a developer one of the most frequent questions you will hear upon encountering a new language will be, 'Well what is it used for?' quickly followed by 'Who uses this?'. This I assume must what going through a developers head as they go through the stack overflow survey and find out that rust is the most loved language. But wait. Didn't the language just hit 1.0 in 2015 ?. Yes! Is it really mature for production use you might ask. Yes. Five years is a really long time in developer years. Several well known companies use rust in production and others are soon set to add to the numbers. While there are many areas where rust is used, I will focus my attention today on command line tools to make the development experience for developers smooth.