Build a guessing game using Orao VRF

15 minute read Published: 2024-05-20

In this tutorial we will learn about Verifiable Random Functions by building a guessing game on the Solana blockchain using Orao Network's Random Verifiable Function service.

We will implement the Solana program onchain, which generates a random number between 0 and 10. We will then build a simple CLI interface to interact with the program. The CLI will prompt the user for a number. After a guess is entered, the program will indicate whether the guess is too low or too high. If the guess is correct, the game will print a congratulatory message and exit.

Mint Solana NFT Using Anchor and Metaplex

29 minute read Published: 2023-09-25

In the previous article I showed you how to mint Solana NFT with the Metaplex sdk and the Solana SDK in native Rust.

In this article we will mint our NFt using anchor, which is a Solana program framework. Learn more about anchor in this link

Mint Solana NFT Using Rust & Metaplex SDK

25 minute read Published: 2023-07-25

Solana is a public, permissionless blockchain launched in 2020. It leverages computer hardware for its high throughput and performance. Solana has been the pioneer in cutting-edge innovation leading in the adoption of tech like concurrent Merkle trees, interfaces, token-2022...etc

I briefly talked about some differences between Solana and EVM chains previously and in this article I will take you through the process of minting an NFT using the Rust Solana SDK and the MetapleX SDK.